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Who Should Exhibit?

Why Exhibit?

This conference is unique in its style and programming, blending cutting edge finance with leading entrepreneurship, and is destined to become a landmark annual event but one that retains a consistent presence year round. As such, we believe substantial mutual benefit will accrue from establishing long-term partnerships with exhibitors that wish to maximize their presence and exposure online year round culminating in the annual in-person event.

IPOカンファレンス was conceived and is backed by the IPO Institute, the leading global academic authority on Initial Public Offerings. The IPO Institute was established in 2020, as an acknowledgment of the IPO being amongst the most complex cross discipline financial transactions, to create a center for learning, training, collaboration, and innovation in this field.

The IPO Conference is the first global event of its kind, bringing together best in class practitioners from across the financial industry: investors, bankers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, consultants and more.

The IPO Institute is dedicated to advancing the understanding and practice of taking companies public, to raising the veil of opacity and thereby democratizing the process. It strives to create a trusted resource for thought leadership and best practices in the IPO world, and to contribute to the overall success and vitality of the capital markets.

The IPO Institute provides a forum for industry professionals, academics, and policymakers to exchange ideas and insights on the latest developments and trends in the IPO market. Its mission is to foster a culture of excellence and innovation in IPO work, by providing education, research, and networking opportunities to our members and the broader community. The IPO Conference is its criterion annual event to bring that community together to exchange and grow.

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to:

Top 10 Reasons to Exhibit at the IPO Conference:

  1. Establish a foothold in this vibrant, innovative and multi-disciplinary market.
  2. Present new and innovative product offerings and processes.
  3. Seek a financial or strategic partner / pursue development financing.
  4. Promote and prepare for your own Initial Public Offering.
  5. Seek quality candidates to support in their Initial Public Offering.
  6. Establish, or reaffirm, your firm’s professional status and competitive edge.
  7. Expand your distributor network / industry contacts.
  8. Meet face to face with remote entrepreneurs, financiers, and service providers.
  9. Showcase your services, products, and team.
  10. Obtain direct feedback and opinions from potential customers.

Maximizing The Exhibitor Experience?

Increase exposure by incorporating sponsorship and branding opportunities in your package. Please reference the different sponsorship opportunities for exhibitors that offer different advertising packages.

All of these suggestions can work to maximize your exhibit and/or sponsorship. Please visit the Exhibitor and Sponsorship Packages page to see which arrangement works best for you.

Trade Show Exhibition Booths

First, one could legitimately wonder what is an IPO Incubator as it did not exist before EverGrowth. An IPO Incubator is a company financing the costs of an IPO by paying the IPO expenses directly to the securities issuer’s suppliers, without relying on the management team of the issuer, thereby partially following the model of a construction loan. The difference is that IPO Incubator gets equity and takes a real financial risk. If the IPO is not completed, without any issuer’s or its management fault, the IPO Incubator can lose its capital or remain locked in its participation in the issuer without any possibility of exit.

IPO Conference, The initial public offering tradeshow, New York, USA


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