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Hereunder You will see some of the debates of the panels in the IPO Conference

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08:00 am
IPO Market Trends:

Panelists discuss current and anticipated trends in the IPO market, including the number of IPOs, the types of companies going public, and the performance of IPOs in recent years.

Preparing for an IPO:

This panel will discuss the process of preparing a company for an IPO, including the key players involved, the steps necessary to meet regulatory requirements, and the timeline for the IPO.

The IPO Roadshow:

This panel will cover the roadshow process, which is the series of presentations and meetings that a company goes through to market their IPO to potential investors.

09:00 am
Regulatory and Compliance Issues:

Panelists will discuss the regulatory and compliance issues that companies face when going public, including SEC rules, accounting standards, and corporate governance.

Post-IPO Performance:

This panel will discuss the performance of companies after their IPO, including the factors that contribute to success of failure, as well as the strategies that companies can use to sustain their success.

Investor Perspectives:

This panel will explore the perspectives of investors on the IPO process, including how they evaluate potential investments, what they look for in a company going public, and how they assess the risks involved.

10:00 am
Global IPO Trends:

Panelists will discuss the IPO market trends and practices in different regions of the world, as well as the challenges and opportunities for companies looking to go public on a global scale.

Alternative Paths to Going Public:

This panel will explore alternative paths going public, including direct listing, special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), and other non-traditional routes.

The Role of Underwriters:

Panelists will discuss the role of underwriters in the IPO process, including their responsibilities, how they are compensated, and how they work with companies to prepare for an IPO.

11:00 am
The Future of IPOs:

This panel will explore the future of IPOs and how the market is likely to evolve over time, including the impact of technology, changing investor preferences, and other factors.

Issuer's Perspectives:

This panel will explore the perspectives of the issuer on the IPO process, including how they evaluate their own valuation, why they are going public, and how they assess their rewards and the risks involved.

Risks of IPOing

Several potential challenges are expected to be highlighted. The potential for market volatility, making it challenging for investors to accurately assess the long-term prospects of a newly public company.
The potential for regulatory challenges, as publicly traded companies are subject to increased scrutiny and reporting requirements that can be time-consuming and expensive to manage.
The panel will highlight the risks associated with companies that overvalue themselves in the lead up to an IPO, as this can lead to significant losses for investors if the stock price fails to meet expectations.
Overall, the panel will emphasize the importance of conducting thorough due diligence and carefully considering all risks before investing in an IPO.

12:00 pm
IPO ready or not?




IPO Myths


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