The IPO Institute and DHNP Consulting Have Joined Forces To Host

The World's Only IPO Conference

The IPO Conference is both a presential and virtual event organized by the IPO Institute under a very special format avoiding participants to lose time in fruitless discussions.

The presential IPO Conference event takes place once yearly in New York, London, Hong-Kong and Singapore. 

The virtual IPO Conference event is held once quarterly through our platform. 

However our platform is  available to our registered members for free use without restrictions.  

The inaugural IPO Conference is the first event to ever be dedicated exclusively to the Initial Public Offering process and the broad array of skills, services, products and technologies that surround it.

The IPO Institute provides a forum for industry professionals, academics, and policymakers to exchange ideas and insights on the latest developments and trends in the IPO market. Its mission is to foster a culture of excellence and innovation in IPO work, by providing education, research, and networking opportunities to our members and the broader community.

The IPO Institute is dedicated to advancing the understanding and practice of taking companies public. It strives to create a trusted resource for thought leadership and best practices in the IPO world and to contribute to the overall success and vitality of the capital markets.

The IPO Conference is not just a tradeshow, but also an opportunity for professionals in the industry to network, share ideas, and learn from each other. Our events feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and other informative sessions, providing insights into the latest trends and developments in the IPO market.


The IPO Conference is the event allowing top-level Investors and Entrepreneurs to envision business without losing any time. It is the social materialization of the teaching of the IPO Institute.


The IPO Conference focuses on true Pre-IPO, IPO (Initial Public Offerings) and SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) only and not on any other form of securities distribution. It also focuses on the Investment Banking Industry.


Efficiency, Effectiveness, Integrity and Independence in our opinions and actions. Continuous improvement through Research and Cases Analysis.​

The IPO Conference provides several unconventional services which are very important to the companies willing to make their Initial Public Offering..

Looking for an IPO Organizer

The process of taking a Private Company to the Public Markets is a complex one. Very few organisations are able to assemble the scope of work needed. We have one example of a company able to organize IPOs.

Looking for an Underwriter

Investment Banks are a complicated group of Institutions to approach. They have high barriers to entry and are demanding in their ways. The easiest route is through companies that already have a history of deal making for the Investment Banking community.


Linking your Company to a Blue Chip Investment Bank allows you to delegate syndication responsibilities through this relationship. Your lead Investment Bank therefore becomes your best advocate for your syndication demands as they will guide you to their peers for these needs. Please see above the strategy deployed for looking for an Underwriter and then liaise with your lead for your syndication requirements.

That’s who we are

Year of Foundation

The IPO Institute decided to create the IPO Conference in the middle of the 2020 Covid. The first event took place virtually.

Until then, there has never been an event solely dedicated to the Initial Public Offering.

0 +

took part in the first online conference during Covid. Usually in conferences there are alot of companies seeking capital and very few investors. It was the exact opposite. The financial community is actively seeking IPO investments, yet no conference was exclusively dedicated to IPO until now.


did present at the first conference and reported a total amount raised above USD 1 Billion although the number is surely higher as some issuers refused to report and even to answer questions…

Top Employees

and a large group of more than 50 volunteers, interns and students will organize the IPO Conference.