Inaugural Edition Theme: Women Leading Wall Street


Programming Framework

IPO Institute Accreditation Syllabus based on Key IPO Milestones provides skeleton for broader framework to be fleshed out across three tracks:

  1. Issuers: New Offerings.
    • Valuations.
    • Trading.
  2. Investors: Allocating Capital.
    • When, Where, Why?
  3. Learning: Trends & Innovation.
    • Step by step.
    • New structures.

Accreditation Syllabus


  1. Preparation
    Gathering financial information, assessing the company’s readiness and market conditions, selecting underwriters and legal advisors.
  2. Filing with SEC
    Preparing and submitting a registration statement to the SEC, including the company’s financial statements and business plan.
  3. Due Diligence
    An intensive review of the company’s finances, operations, and legal compliance by underwriters and SEC.
  4. Roadshow
    Meeting with potential investors to market the company and its stock offering.
  5. Pricing
    Determining the offering price and number of shares to be sold.
  6. Allotment and distribution
    Allocating shares to investors and arranging for the distribution of shares.
  7. Trading
    Commencing trading of the company’s stock on a stock exchange.
  8. Post-IPO
    Continuously communicating with shareholders, complying with securities laws and regulations, and reporting financial results.

Suggested ‘Syllabus Tie-in’ Topics for Speakers / Panels / Workshops

  • Capital Raising & Investor Engagement
  • IPO Pricing & Underwriting
  • ‘Meet the Issuers” Roundtable
    • Expectations a& Reality
    • Problems Overcome
    • Who You Need/Want by your side
  • “Meet the Allocators” Roundtable
    • Failures & Successes
    • What They Look For / How they choose
  • Tomorrows Unicorns Today
  • The Decision to IPO
  • The IPO Myth: “Expensive, Risky, Inefficient”
    • The Need for Democratization / Join the Club / Public Markets Revolution
  • The IPO Process
  • The IPO Playbook
    • Structure and legal path
    • Financials and registration
    • Post registration
    • Post IPO