Reasons for Sponsoring

Every year attendees on the IPO conference represent a broad range of finance specialists with mutual interests and shared goals. Our IPO conference appeal to the business stakeholders – the humans empowered to make things appear. This is your chance to get in contact with them and to expose your company vision and goals.

Development of your business
Obtain positive publicity before, during and after the IPO conference from corporations interested in IPO’s, in addition to web searches from potential clients seeking out reliable companies.

Exhibit Opportunities
Sponsorships means exhibiting your brand to your selected audience and a chance to inform potential clients what your company stands for.

The IPO conference is definitely the best place to display materials and meet potential clients and colleagues at the same time.

Conceptual leadership
We always do focus on presenting attendees offering high quality content made available by talented professionals of the topic. The IPO conference is an unparalleled opportunity to focus on your know-how.

The IPO conference collaborating with sponsors makes the success.
An IPO conference is an excellent investment opportunity. Building deal flow is important because making good investment decisions is reliant on you seeing various deals, and selecting the best among those to actually pursue.

The founder of the IPO conference has successfully guided 179 companies through the IPO process. This could not have been done without the help of the sponsors.

Now it is the right moment and the right time. The IPO conference offers an opportunity to target clients helping them to choose the best service provider, accountant and of course advise them on which law firm suits them best.

Conference sponsorships does not only include exposure during the event; it is a long term promotional campaign.

The benefits of sponsorship include publicity before and during the event, as well as logo placement, online advertisement, an exhibit space during the event and, of course, free registration.